What is Clinical Research?

Wasatch Clinical Research is looking for volunteers to participate in our clinical research trials. These important trials make it possible to educate physicians and provide new treatments to the medical community and the patients they serve. Participants make a valuable contribution towards developing more effective treatments.

Because participating in a clinical research trial is a personal decision, it is very important to us that before you decide to participate you are comfortable with and aware of all aspects involved with being a research volunteer.

Understanding clinical research trials

What is a clinical research trial?

A clinical research trial is a study that involves people to answer a specific health question. The study is conducted according to a specific plan called a protocol. The protocol outlines the type of patients that may participate in the study, the tests and procedures that will be conducted, drugs, dosages, and the length of the study. Other outcomes may also be measured.

Why are clinical research trials important?

Clinical research trials are important to see if a new drug is safe and effective for people to use. Trials provide the means to develop new treatments and determine if the drug will be more effective, easier to use, and/or have fewer side effects. These trials must take place before new research treatments can be made available to the public.

Should I participate in a clinical research trial?

People participate in clinical research trials for a variety of reasons. Participants make a valuable contribution towards developing more effective treatments, they gain access to the latest treatments available from leading pharmaceutical companies, and they gain a greater understanding of their medical condition.

Before participating in a clinical research trial it is important to understand both the benefits and risks associated with participating.

Potential Benefits:

Possible Risks:

What is an informed consent form?

The informed consent form provides potential study participants with information they need about the study and treatment before they decide whether or not to participate. This form includes an explanation of what is involved in the study, an idea of how long the study will last, what procedures will be performed, and a description of the potential benefits and possible risks associated with the study treatment. Throughout the clinical research trial, participants will be provided with any new information that may affect their decision to continue with their participation in the study.

Participation in a clinical research trial is completely voluntary. Participants have the right to refuse participation or to withdraw their consent at any time during the clinical research trial without penalty.

What questions should I ask before I decide to participate in a clinical research trial?

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