Message from President and CEO, Karen George

At Wasatch Clinical Research we are proud of what we do and of what we have accomplished in the past eleven years.Wasatch Clinical Research’s primary goal has been to aid biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the development of new medications, transforming the practice of medicine and improving the quality of life by preventing and treating human disease.

We have been able to achieve this goal by providing excellence in service with physicians that are leaders in their specialties.We are honored to be a part of making new and innovative medications available to the community we serve. 

In 2008 the FDA approved seven (7) new medications in which we had a part.  We have witnessed patients with acute illness respond to new medications that have led to a significant improvement in their quality of life. We feel a sense of gratitude and satisfaction as we observe chronic illnesses respond to new therapies and patients experience clinical remission.

Honor and integrity have been our road map for building a company that has met and will continue to meet our goals. We are anxious in our endeavors and look forward to working with all of you--our patients, the pharmaceutical companies, and the medical community in which we serve.


Karen George
President and Chief Executive Officer 

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