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We invite you to join the team of Wasatch Clinical Research Principal Investigators in conducting clinical trials. Our experienced staff will assist you during all aspects of the clinical trial process. Many of our investigators learn what new drugs are in development in their particular therapeutic area and gain knowledge on how these new drugs work.  Clinical trials will also add a service to your patients and to your practice.  In today’s economy, many subjects have the opportunity to receive health care and medications that will be covered through their participation in the clinical trial at no cost to them.

Wasatch Clinical Research believes that all who participate in clinical trials--the patient, doctor, and pharmaceutical company--benefit as new medications are developed.

We are confident that conducting clinical research trials will add value to your practice, increase the options available to your patients, and increase your knowledge of new medications. Please contact me directly at (801) 288-0607.


Karen George
President and CEO


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Conducting Clinical Research Since 1999
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